AITG is an entity combining 7 companies focussed on engineering and manufacturing of various auto components for passenger vehicles, transport vehicles and earth moving equipment. The group is in the process of developing new business verticals for designing, manufacturing and selling farm equipment and many more engineering products. Through our wide range of engineering processes and administrative systems, we handle multiple materials, products and clients.

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Core Capabilities


New Product Development

Giving definite form to abstract ideas, we are masters in conceptualizing, schematics, CAD models, CAD drawings, CAE analysis and prototype building. The client can opt for a complete product development package or choose an individual service required in the process.


Component Manufacturing

With the extensive experience of more than 2 decades in mass manufacturing, we produce high performance OEM components through sophisticated and automated processes. Welding, bending, heat treatment, surface treatment, machining...every stage is controlled with required process and product parameters.


Tool Design

The group has state-of-the-art and latest machines and software tools required by a tool room to design, develop and manufacture Dies, Tools, Jigs and fixtures. With this facility, the group companies have an advantage over others for setting up production lines fast.


Surface Treatment

Giving parts aesthetic appeal along with corrosion resistance and durability, Nichel-Chrome Plating and Powder Coating is carried out with systematic procedures and standard equipment. The product quality is tested at in-house laboratories